Hey buddy! Come here. I just want to tell a secret. lol... On this site, I'll provide free exclusive designs just for all of you! Any design that I've posted on this section, you're allowed to pick it freely, either you want to make it as your FB profile pic, wallpaper or anything else, IT'S UP TO YOU!   ^_^

(please do not claimed yours all of designs that already credited. Thank you)

Hello friends!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

الحمد لله Thanks to Allah who have given this opportunity for I-DEAL DESIGN & ARTS to build our own blog. This is just a first step for a long journey. Just a short information for you, my dear friend, we'll show you on this blog all of our design, arts and crafts. We just an amateur, or exactly a beginner in arts industry. HAHA. Please support us in order to heal this world through arts. Spread the truth! Wait for another awesome and amazing stuff from us!

!مع السلامة و الى اللقاء